Why we should rethink the goal of happiness

These days, I find myself complicating my life. I turn simple unconscious decisions into dialectics. I greet commonplace questions with tangled answers; or worse — more questions.

As I become further accustomed to the norms of academic life, my prior indoctrinations seem to fade away, leaving blank spaces where cultural…

What our rear-ends teach us about ourselves and society

I’ve always found something inherently funny about adult diapers. Every Depend commercial that pops up onto my television screen leaves me positively guffawing. However, until recently, I never stopped to think about why I so mocked the bladder-leakers.

Perhaps it’s the ironic juxtaposition between the infantile and the aged, or…

On hipsterism and the avoidance of death

Authentic identity is hard to come by these days. Messages ambush us from every corner of our lives, reassuring us that consumption is the true path to authenticity. Our advertisements urge us to salvage our identities with products and the ideologies which accompany them; our social media platforms validate those…

And why it doesn’t really matter where they stand on the issue

1973 was an eventful year for the United States; the Vietnam war had officially ended, the American Indian Movement occupied Wounded Knee, Billie Jean King defiantly shattered gender norms in the “Battle of the Sexes”, and for some reason, people still wore bell-bottoms. The seeds of liberal humanitarian values had…

The Schmendrick

I am a stupid, ineffectual fool. So are you, and that's okay. Join me in discovering the world - one flaw at a time.

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